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"The Ibah Radiant Foundation is hands down the best product i have ever used, It is truly transformative!

i have always struggled with applying foundation and getting it to stay nicely on the face,

I found the Radiant Foundation super easy to apply and the best thing is you only need the tiniest amount each time. 

The coverage is amazing but feels so light on the face & when i wear it so many people compliment me on my skin. 

This foundation is a staple piece - As soon as you apply it your ready to go!" - Paige

< In this photo Paige is wearing: Ibah Brow Pencil in Chocolate + Radiant Foundation #8

"This is the first time I've used Ibah Cosmetics and they did not disappoint! 

The Radiant Foundation is very full coverage and quick to apply. 

I also have the Brow Pencil which is so precise and the Lip Kit is such a beautiful matte texture that stays on the lips all day! 

I would highly recommend purchasing Ibah Cosmetics if you haven't already!" - Elyce

> In this photo Elyce is wearing:
Ibah Brow Pencil in Dark Brown + Radiant Foundation #3 + Lip Kit #9


"I use Ibah Brow pencil in Dark brown. I find it very forgiving & easy to use.
The pencil is a thin tip that is wind up, so no sharpening needed!

Crisp & fine definition every use until it’s finished, The brow brush on the end softens them when I want a more fluffy look.The pigmentation in the pencil is great, I don’t have to push hard or use much during each application so I’ve found it lasts me a lot longer then other pencils with same product size. 10/10

Ibah clear brow gel gives my bushy brows a soft matte finish that lasts all day and keeps them neat and tidy. I find it doesn’t make them feel glued down like other brow gels have.

I’ve been using my Ibah brush set for almost a year now. On myself and professionally as a make up artist. They’re HARDY. I wash after every client with soap and water and they do NOT shed! They’re synthetic so don’t have to worry about causing allergic reactions like with real fur brushes! For the price they’re absolutely on point compared to big brand brushes in my kit that shed and don’t last long after washing a few times. The blending brushes make application so easy. Flawless finish every time." - Tia

< In this photo Tia is wearing:
Ibah Brow Pencil in Dark Brown + Ibah Brow Gel + Soft Matte Foundation #4

“I recently received my package from Ibah cosmetics,
The Brow Pencil I got in Dark Brown winds up so you never have to sharpen it,
It can do sharp lines for the ends of my eyebrows or less harsh lines for filling in,
I absolutely love it!

I also got the Radiant Foundation in the colour #9, it is such a nice creamy consistency, good coverage and smells amazing and it’s good to find a nice tan colour without it being orange. Thanks Ibah Cosmetics xx”- Paris

> In this photo Paris is wearing: 

Ibah Brow Pencil in Dark Brown + Radiant Foundation #9 + Ibah Brow Gel 


"This is my first time using Ibah cosmetics and I’m in love!

The Ibah Lip Kit #11 is piercing & so stunning on.
It has a beautiful matte finish and does not rub off, I can drink with it on and it does not smudge a bit.  The kit comes with a Lip Liner which is so smooth and defines my lips even more.

I also have on the Brow Pencil which is so perfect and easy to apply, to top it off I’m using the Ibah Brow Gel which is my favourite. It makes my eyebrows look much fuller.

My next buy will definitely be the an Ibah Foundation as I’ve seen the coverage is great on.

I would definitely recommend buying Ibah cosmetics!" - Mel

< In this photo Mel is wearing: Ibah Lip Kit #11 + Ibah Brow Pencil + Ibah Brow Gel

"Being a mum of a sassy 7 year old, who works full time, with another baby on the way, my beauty regime needs to be quick, simple, and flawless for all those zoom meetings that happen these days!

Ibah Cosmetics are just that. I use 3 products daily - and that’s it.

I find the Soft Matte foundation #1 glides on effortlessly, and lasts throughout the day (and night).

I could not live (literally) without the Ibah Eyebrow pencil in Chocolate, the pigment is instantly there letting me shape my unruly eyebrows - better than any other brand I’ve used over the years!

And my favourite lip colour for every day wear - the Ibah Lip Kit #9. The liner is wind up so you never need to sharpen. It’s also such a versatile shade I can use it with many other brands lipsticks which is a true bonus for me!

With a daughter who constantly raids my makeup bag, it’s important to me that my makeup isn’t tested on animals and is cruelty free - another tick for Ibah Cosmetics!" - Dani

> In this photo Dani is wearing: Soft Matte Foundation #1 + Ibah Brow Pencil in Chocolate + Ibah Brow Gel + Ibah Lip Kit #9

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